Event Services


The event services is performed under the brand “Crystal Event”, as branded events or to make your idea real.

Crystal Event aims to be different in order to make your event remarkable !

The vision of the Company is that any event is unique and deserves to be treated as a diamond.

Using our resources, our network and our experience, we transform your idea into a remarkable event. We work by your side, from the development of the idea to the supervision on your event.
According to your specific needs, we identify both location and service providers, we manage the communication around your event and we coordinate all the actors from start to finish.
In one word, we optimise your event organisation and improve the experience of the visitors and invitees.

Crystal Event’s aim is to position its events as atypical and prestigious.
Atypical places, special atmospheres, new concepts are only but a few of the ideas that Crystal Event can bring to your event.

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